Do you need to increase the visibility of your product or service? Do you want your products to be easily recognized by your prospects?

I am a proven brand marketer with years of experience in the Software as a Service (SaaS) industry. 

My well researched in depth product reviews demonstrate your product to your audience in a self-explanatory manner. 

I am experienced with:

  • Reviews to make your clients appreciate the benefits of your products.
  • Easy to understand narrations to clearly explain your service.
  • Expert technical writing to spoon feed your audience about complex SAAS/ITES processes.

My trustworthy content is a boost to enhance and protect your brand image.

  • Engage and convince your audience with detailed product descriptions
  • Build credibility with case studies prepared from real user experience
  • Increase repeat purchases and referrals

Appoint me as your preferred writer for convincing product/service briefs for better client engagement.

I am flexible with writing

  • Press Releases
  • Business Plans
  • Advertisement Copies
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I hold my writing specialization in

“How to” articles: easily readable articles which break down a key process into chunks. These articles smartly answer key usability related questions which might be sought after by your target customers. 

Product/Service Descriptions: do not keep your potential customers in the dark. Let them have a clear idea about what you are offering them. This is best done by creating descriptive content about your product/service.

Presentations: be it a pitch deck for an investor or a process layout for your team, a highly curated presentation can increase conviction and engagement in meetings. When done right, a presentation can be simply mailed and the receiver will get the core idea just like that.